Best Places To Shop For a Used Vehicle

Looking for a new car may be as straightforward as it gets – a customer will just have to look for price quotes from manufacturers or sellers and decide on the deal he thinks is right for them.

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Shopping for a used car, however, is a little trickier because there are a lot more to consider before finally choosing which vehicle to buy. The first step is to know where to look for the best possible car. Here are a few places one can visit in searching for such a vehicle:


Dealerships are probably the most reliable place to look for used cars because they invest heavily in their reputation. They maintain a showroom, employ a small or a large staff depending on the market they are targeting, and usually have a partnership with car manufacturers except for the independent dealerships. There is also the likelihood that dealerships offer certified pre-owned vehicle, which means that the used cars have undergone an inspection program that assures the vehicles’ dependability. The only drawback is that used cars from dealerships are costlier.

Used car retailers

Like dealerships, many used car retailers have a showroom and professional staff that are of big help to customers. However, shoppers will have to be more thorough and diligent in inspecting the car they are interested in.

Online listings

With the help of the internet, it has become easier to shop for anything, anywhere, including cars. A disadvantage, of course, is the limited opportunity to have a comprehensive examination of the vehicle.

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Common mistakes to avoid when buying a pre-owned car

When acquiring a pre-owned car, some people are not able to get the most bang for their buck because of mistakes they could have avoided had they known about them before purchasing. Here are some common gaffes pre-owned vehicle buyers make:

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Not doing their research: Time and again, pre-owned car buyers find themselves shortchanged because they failed to make time for research. These types of cars are usually past their manufacturer’s warranty and have high mileage. Therefore, customers should read up on the models they are eyeing and determine their reliability. There is an abundance of resources online, such as different websites and trustworthy forums.

Not lining up finances properly: It is easy to fall into financing traps, whether it is low down payment or lower, albeit longer, monthly terms. This could mean higher overall cost, one that could even exceed the supposed budget.

Settling for the first available cars: While buying a pre-owned vehicle offers plenty benefits, customers should still consider cross-shopping the same models that are brand new. There are instances when new cars can turn out to be more worth it. Additionally, unless the customer has already set his sights on a specific model, it is prudent for him to look at both local and imported cars to ascertain which pre-owned car is most suitable.

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The Advantages Of Buying a Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle

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When selecting a vehicle, the two common choices customers have are to buy a new car or a used one. However, there is another alternative that many customers are now aware of: purchasing a certified pre-owned (CPO) vehicle, or a used car that have been guaranteed to be in decent condition by the manufacturer.

Some advantages of buying a CPO car are the following:

Best of both worlds

On the one hand, buying a new car, while it brings numerous advantages, can be a financially difficult undertaking, which is why many customers would rather not go through with the purchase. On the other hand, a pre-owned car would cost much less, but it carries more risks.

CPO vehicles also sell significantly less than brand-new cars, but they have minimal risks because they have been gently used (with an assurance that the vehicles had not been involved in major collisions), thoroughly inspected, and reconditioned.

Minimized depreciation

When a new car is driven off from the dealership, its value has already depreciated by about 20 percent. That value goes down by 10 to 20 percent more during the first year of owning the car. Buying a CPO car is more cost-effective because the vehicle’s depreciation rate is already minimal.

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Lower insurance costs

Because the insurance rate is determined by the value of the car, the costs of insuring a CPO car is lower than that of new vehicles. There are also some elements of car insurance that can be dropped, further reducing insurance costs.

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