Top Certified Pre-Owned Cars To Get In 2018

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Don’t fret that most new cars in the market might be beyond your budget, especially as you look for the best options for safety, comfort, and convenience. You can always opt for a certified pre-owned or CPO model which is good as new and often comes with manufacturer warranty. Below are some of the good CPO cars available for you.

2015-2017 Ford Edge: This midsize Ford can be surprisingly expensive when bought new, but a CPO version can save you up to $10,000. The new Edge looks very much like the 2015 model, so choosing the previous iteration should be the better option if you can do away with some of the newer Ford technology.

2016-2017 Hyundai Tucson: An attractive and compact option that you can get with bumper-to-bumper warranty, a CPO Tucson is from two years ago should save you a lot of money while ensuring that you get the latest Hyundai technology and design.

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2016-2017 Kia Sorento: Kia has been killing it lately with excellent coverage of up to five years and desirable technology, and these should transfer to you if you opt for a CPO version. The average asking price for a brand-new Sorento is $31,400, but you can get one with full powertrain warranty for as low as $23,000.

2014-2017 Toyota Tundra: This full-size pickup truck comes with V8 power and a slew of extras. Getting a certified pre-owned Tundra is not only nearly $7000 cheaper; it can you get Toyota’s CPO warranty which extends the comprehensive warranty by a year and offers seven years or 100,000 miles of coverage from the original sale date.

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Best Places To Shop For a Used Vehicle

Looking for a new car may be as straightforward as it gets – a customer will just have to look for price quotes from manufacturers or sellers and decide on the deal he thinks is right for them.

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Shopping for a used car, however, is a little trickier because there are a lot more to consider before finally choosing which vehicle to buy. The first step is to know where to look for the best possible car. Here are a few places one can visit in searching for such a vehicle:


Dealerships are probably the most reliable place to look for used cars because they invest heavily in their reputation. They maintain a showroom, employ a small or a large staff depending on the market they are targeting, and usually have a partnership with car manufacturers except for the independent dealerships. There is also the likelihood that dealerships offer certified pre-owned vehicle, which means that the used cars have undergone an inspection program that assures the vehicles’ dependability. The only drawback is that used cars from dealerships are costlier.

Used car retailers

Like dealerships, many used car retailers have a showroom and professional staff that are of big help to customers. However, shoppers will have to be more thorough and diligent in inspecting the car they are interested in.

Online listings

With the help of the internet, it has become easier to shop for anything, anywhere, including cars. A disadvantage, of course, is the limited opportunity to have a comprehensive examination of the vehicle.

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Common mistakes to avoid when buying a pre-owned car

When acquiring a pre-owned car, some people are not able to get the most bang for their buck because of mistakes they could have avoided had they known about them before purchasing. Here are some common gaffes pre-owned vehicle buyers make:

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Not doing their research: Time and again, pre-owned car buyers find themselves shortchanged because they failed to make time for research. These types of cars are usually past their manufacturer’s warranty and have high mileage. Therefore, customers should read up on the models they are eyeing and determine their reliability. There is an abundance of resources online, such as different websites and trustworthy forums.

Not lining up finances properly: It is easy to fall into financing traps, whether it is low down payment or lower, albeit longer, monthly terms. This could mean higher overall cost, one that could even exceed the supposed budget.

Settling for the first available cars: While buying a pre-owned vehicle offers plenty benefits, customers should still consider cross-shopping the same models that are brand new. There are instances when new cars can turn out to be more worth it. Additionally, unless the customer has already set his sights on a specific model, it is prudent for him to look at both local and imported cars to ascertain which pre-owned car is most suitable.

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How to clean that old motorcycle properly

There are many reasons a person would prefer to clean his motorcycle at home instead of bringing it to a shop. One must remember that automotive detailing could be expensive, and industrial cleaning stations might use materials that could damage bike parts. One can keep even an old vehicle in tip-top condition if the right rules for maintenance are followed.

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A basic consideration for anyone who hopes to achieve a DIY success when it comes to washing the motorcycle is investing in various cleaning materials to perform every detailing activity with ease and precision. From microfiber cloths and sponges to special substances and automotive cleaners, one can accomplish a lot by learning what specific materials are used for different parts of the motorcycle or during particular stages of cleaning.

Whenever one is engaged in rinsing the other sections of the bike or using chemicals to properly clean the hard parts, great care must be exercised so that the paintwork of sensitive parts is not affected by the harshness of the substances. That is why it is absolutely a must to consult experts and read labels when using products. Their use might be applicable only to certain materials.

By using additional items and tools that preserve the quality of a motorcycle’s numerous components like the chains, paint, metal and leather parts, one can save a lot of money. Application of protective waxes on painted areas or conditioners to the leather may prolong their life and improve their quality.

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All in the Family: The Advantages of Family-owned Businesses

Some might have been taught that family and business do not go well together. This is probably because of the deep respect that people have for private, intimate relationships away from the prying eyes of the public. This is how a family is honored. Fathers come home from their jobs and do not bring their work with them once they leave workplace premises. A clear distinction between family and work is usually upheld.

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But times are changing, and along with it family and business dynamics. There are more family-owned businesses now, most of them key players in national and local economies. A number of characteristics and circumstances define them and distinguish them from non-family-owned companies. Their unique structure gives them an edge.

Because the family is as natural a team as it can get, there is a fluid blurring of task lines that creates a flexible platform for opportunities and work without red tape. And because family comes first, family-owned businesses are also essentially predisposed to long-term plans and commitments. Looking after the future of the next in line expands concern for every aspect of the company.

Depending on how the family will approach it, the candor that inherently exists among members can drive people to succeed and strengthen the trust that is an invaluable part of running a company. More often than not, there are things one can say only to family.

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Reliable Pre-Owned Automobiles To Consider Getting

A number of factors affect the price of a pre-owned car, including the vehicle’s region, condition, and mileage. But what consumers lookout for the most is reliability. The good news is that buyers don’t have to shell out a lot of money for dependability. Here are some of the most sought-after models this year.

For those looking to get a midsize car, the Toyota Camry Hybrid is a great hybrid that offers ample passenger space and a quiet ride. It has a five-out-of-five reliability score on the index reports of J.D. Power and Associates. Buyers should expect to pay around $15,000 for a base 2014 Toyota Camry Hybrid and about $16,300 for an XLE model.

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The Honda Civic is one of the most reliable car models out there, and thus always commands a premium. Make sure to carefully check the brakes and suspension (especially the bushings) before buying.

If you’re looking for a well-balanced car that’s also light on the handle, get the Mazda Miata. It offers one of the best manual gearboxes ever put on the road. Buyers particularly love first-generation editions.

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Those into midsized trucks shouldn’t miss the Toyota Tacoma, one of the most coveted pre-owned vehicles in the market. It holds its value well, and even if prices can be a little inflated, it should be worth getting if the buyer doesn’t want to get a full-size pickup. Make sure that frame rust isn’t an issue as some models since 2000 have been recalled for such.

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Why Get a Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle?

Certified pre-owned or CPO cars shield buyers from worry as they offer good warranty coverage and reliability. And a lot of buyers are starting to realize this. A recent study showed that younger car buyers are willing to pay up to $3,800 more for a certified pre-owned model.

CPO cars from dealerships offer extended factory warranty, and opting for one gives consumers better protection against defects and expensive repairs. Still, it depends on the dealer, so buyers should carefully study the dealer’s offered services and accompanying documents to check for this additional coverage and its extent.

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Also, CPO models have better, more competitive resale value than other used cars priced at the same range. Paying a little extra shouldn’t be a problem if the coverage is significantly longer and the car is thoroughly inspected based on manufacturer standards.

Lastly, CPO cars free up the buyer from expensive maintenance. Unlike non-CPO vehicles sold by private sellers, those that fall under the CPO requirement are checked and tested for age and mileage; the CPO stamp of approval ensures that the car you are buying will not lead to highway headaches nor succumb to humps on the road.

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